Palestine – Jericho New Hospital’s disinfection corridor and another for vehicles in Hebron

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Jericho + Hebron Governorate + West Bank – Palestine 16/04/2020

With the support of the local community in Jericho governorate in the West Bank, Jericho New State Hospital placed an automated sterilization corridor at its entrance as a precautionary measure to sterilize patients in the hospital to prevent the new Coronavirus, in the same context, the municipality of Hebron city, at the initiative of the young Sa’id al-Zugher, installed a similar sterilization corridor at the northern entrance to the city, but it is primarily for vehicles, which also contains sterilization units for individuals dedicated to the passage of workers and units for preliminary examination, and another for the initial quarantine until the arrival of preventive medical teams to deal with the situation when an infection is suspected.

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