Iraq – Using Google search engines to identify coronavirus cases in the world

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Erbil – Kurdistan – Iraq  09/04/2020

As the need to diagnose people with Covid 19 (Coronavirus) increases, many experts tend to use the number of Google search attempts as evidence of the presence of the disease where it is being searched, how does it happen? Here is one of the most important symptoms of Covid 19 (I can’t smell) which has been proven at a high rate and considered a symptom of Covid 19, this symptom has seen an increase in google search in four U.S. states (New York, New Jersey, Louisiana, Michigan) are experiencing an increase in the incidence of Covid 19,  Google is also witnessing attempts to search for other symptoms of Covid 19 such as cold and high temperatures, which leads us to the fact that the frequent attempts to search Google for symptoms related to the Covid 19 virus in a certain region, is an indicator or evidence of an outbreak of the Covid 19 virus, including Iraq.

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