Yemen – As part of the efforts to conciliate … Military leaders of government forces and the Transitional Council meet in Abyan

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Abyan province – Yemen  09/04/2020

In a step that can be considered to be in favor of the efforts to calm and reduce the military tension between the parties to the Riyadh agreement government forces on one hand and the forces of the Transitional Council in southern Yemen on the other, the Reconciliation Committee was able today to break the most prominent obstacles in the presence of prominent military leaders, some of who have announced earlier joining the Transitional Council as the commander of the fourth military region Major General Fadl Hassan and Major General Al-Jawas, this long awaited step has been culminated on the sidelines of the duty of condolence for one of the military leaders in the area of al-Wadee, the birthplace of the General Hadi, which is subject to the to the control of the government forces, where the scene of the meeting of leaders in condolences has two faces the face of sorrow for the late Major General Hamad Ali Hadi and a happy faces with the hugs of Generals sorted more than a year ago on both sides of the military conflict.

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