Palestine- Gaza marks 44th anniversary of Earth Day with symbolic events

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Malaka Camp – Eastern Gaza Strip – Palestine 30/03/2020

The The National Commission for Return and Siege Breaking Marches and standing in the face of the deal of the century commemorated the 44th anniversary of Earth Day through symbolic events in which mass gatherings were prevented in anticipation of the outbreak of the Coronavirus, where the Supreme National Authority canceled the million-man Return Marches, which was scheduled to be mobilized today, and replaced it with a factional conference in the return camps on the border in the eastern Gaza Strip, the event was attended by representatives of the factions participating in the organization, in addition to some of the wounded in the marches, during which participants raised Palestinian flags and banners confirming that the land will remain Palestinian and that the Israeli occupation will be removed,  a number of participants trampled on the Israeli flag then burned it, Khaled al-Batsh, chairman of the Authority during the conference, called on Palestinians to participate in raising the Palestinian flag on their homes and burning the Israeli occupation flag and stopping traffic in the governorates of the Gaza Strip at 12 p.m., as he stressed the need to restore national unity at this critical stage, demanding Islamic countries and the Arab League to break the siege on the Gaza Strip.

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