Palestine- Analysts: Declaring a state of emergency serves Netanyahu’s political interests and agenda

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Ramallah- Palestine 17/03/2020

Analysts pointed out that The Israeli Prime Minister, Binyamin Netanyahu, is trying to exploit the coronavirus in order to achieve his own political agenda, analysts pointed out that the declaration of a state of emergency and tension inside the Palestinian region came to his interest political and partisan, especially since Netanyahu was scheduled to stand today in front of the judiciary, and therefore the declaration of a state of emergency postponed the order and made Netanyahu continue in his government for two more months, analysts also confirmed that the use of special intelligence that violates the privacy of individuals to follow up patients who are likely to be infected with the coronavirus, is used to track down Palestinians whether they are elements In Palestinian factions, leaders or ordinary citizens, all recordings inside the West Bank, Gaza Strip and elsewhere are recorded and used for the constant and continuous intelligence activity in Israel of the Israeli army.Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, speaking at a press conference to curb the spread of the coronavirus, said he was in the process of deciding on electronic surveillance tools to track the movements of coronavirus patients, which would contribute to reducing the spread of the virus, as he said.

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