Syria – Women look for something to keep them alive amid piles of garbage

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Qamishli Countryside – Hasaka Province – Syria 10/03/2020

A daily scene repeats itself every morning, as women in the Qamishli countryside in Hasaka governorate in north-eastern Syria go out early in the morning to work in agriculture, tilling agricultural land, spraying fertilizers and pesticides in fields and farms for long hours up to 10 hours a day for a small wage that does not exceed one dollar, in light of the outrageous high prices that have swept the country and the high exchange rate of the U.S. dollar against the Syrian pound, some women resort to searching the piles of garbage to find some scrap of plastic and aluminum to sell it and get something to eat in order to live along with their children, there women do not recognize their day, her celebration is to get enough for her and her family members to live and to fill their basic needs of food, drink and clothing.

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