Myanmar – One of the longest civil wars in history continues in Myanmar

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Karen State – Myanmar 24/02/2020

The state of Karen in eastern Myanmar continues to experience one of the longest civil wars in history since 1949 the Karen National Union waged a war against the central Government of Myanmar with the aim of secession or the formation of a federal state, signed between the Union and the Government of Myanmar, but the separatists believe that this agreement is a strategic ploy by the government to expand its authority in Karen, stressing that they will not allow it until the demands of their people are met and they confirmed that they are ready for any possible attack, this war has changed many of the fundamentals of life, however since 2001 the Italian NGO Popoli has been supporting schools and clinics and rebuilding rural villages in areas controlled only by the Karen National Union, because of its belief that Karen’s land belongs to the Karen people, and that government authorities must prove its sincerity through real actions on the ground.

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