Thailand – Villagers of Bang Bo District suffer unregulated hazardous electricity poles


Location: Bang Bo District, Samut Prakan – Thailand

Duration: 00:04:16

Source: A24

Restrictions: A24

Dateline: 08-04-2022


The villagers and residents of the Bang Bo District, Samut Prakan in Thailand have expressed their disappointment at fact that electric poles are so low to the ground, as their main complaint was that the wires dangling from the poles constitute a grave danger for passerby people and drivers driving on the roads. They said that some companies and departments would tend to set up poles and wires without asking for permission from the Electricity Authority, in a clear violation of the law, endangering the lives of people and making their lives harder. They also said that with so many telecommunication companies using the poles and extending wires, the general appearance of the streets has become an eyesore, adding that the poles would look so cluttered. Many incidents have been reported, such as short circuits and fires.


(Soundbite) Mr. Wirat and Mrs. Laddawan, who are villagers:

“The road has been elevated, but the power lines of the Metropolitan Electricity Authority have not yet been raised accordingly, causing people to suffer driving through, such as vans, refrigerated cars, 10-wheel and 6-wheel vehicles as they would face trouble and get hit the wires hanging across the road. Therefore, I would like to tell the agency of the Metropolitan Electricity Authority to please move up the wires hanging on the road so that they don’t get in the way. Now the villagers are in a lot of trouble. Earlier, the electric pole was broken and fell. Electricity officials have brought a new pole to replace. But this time, the wires and electric poles were short. and about two years ago, the electric cable had caught fire. But there is still no unit of the Metropolitan Electricity Authority to fix it. The story of electric wires hanging across the road. Villagers have coordinated to inform the Metropolitan Electricity Authority several times. But why didn’t they come and fix it for the villagers? So I would like to say to the Metropolitan Electricity Authority, Samut Prakan Province. Helping to go to the area to solve problems for the villagers as well. People have suffered a lot.”

(Soundbite) Mr. Somboon Oransirikul, director of the Metropolitan Electricity Authority, Samut Prakan:

“From the incident where a car connected to a low-hanging electric cable in Soi Wat Sawang Arom, Khlong Dan Sub-district, Bang Bo District, Samut Prakan Province from visiting the area to inspect. There are problems in many parts, namely, this area is traditional. There have been many road fillings. This made the electric poles in this alley lower. and the problematic intersection. The road has been raised higher than usual. There are many low electric poles and communication cables of other companies draped over the poles. After the problem with the Metropolitan Electricity Authority has sent the staff to make improvements and notify the owner of the communication line company. Go and raise the wires that stand in the way. Put it high enough to make the road safe. After this, the Metropolitan Electricity Authority plans to make improvements. Change the new electric pole to be higher to upgrade the electric wires. and communication lines to be higher It’s at a safe level according to the standard. It will probably take about 6 months from now.

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