Tunisia – The Great Mosque an imprint of Andalusians in the city of Testour

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City of Testour – Béja State – Tunisia 22/02/2020

In 1631, Andalusian immigrant Mohammed Tgrino built the Great Mosque in the city of Testour in the northern State of Béja, in northern Tunisia, on the ruins of a historic city that was successively followed by the various civilizations that passed through the country,  Tgrino used in its construction limestone, bricks, glazes, Spanish marble and colored porcelain, following Andalusian architecture with inscriptions and a plethora of small double doors and windows rich in decorations made of zellige, the mosque is unique in the world because it combines a clock that rotates in reverse of the usual direction and a compass and a minaret symbolizing the three religions, which is 23 meters high, in addition to the courtyard in the center of the mosque and chapel, which can accommodate nearly 1,000 worshippers decorated with columns and crowns with its decorations that reflect cultural richness, he has combined Andalusian, Byzantine and Roman, all of which made the Great Mosque in Testour a destination for tourists and visitors from all over the world to see its history and architecture and the arts in used in building.

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