Yemen – 300 sign languages learned by deaf and dumb despite scarcity of capabilities

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Lahij Governorate – Yemen 16/02/2020

More than 300 sign languages are learned by deaf and dumb people in Yemen, each governorate has a different sign language, which is the diversity that resembles Yemeni local dialects, the war that the country is witnessing has caused the closure of many associations for the rehabilitation and care of the handicapped, but what is left of it is on its way to the same end due to the absence of government support and the scarcity of capabilities, the only Association for the Care and Rehabilitation of Deaf and Dumb people in Lahij Governorate in southern Yemen continues to teach deaf and dumb people despite the lack of educational staff, tools and supplies, Its activities are not limited to sign language only, but go beyond their basic and secondary education.

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