Yemen- Al-Meel camp sheltered run away IDPs from houthi bombing

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Ma’rib Governorate -Yemen 14/02/2020

Hundreds of families from the camps in Sanaa and Ma’rib governorates have been displaced to Al-Meel camp on the outskirts of Ma’rib after their camps have been bombed by Houthis, the Nser Nasser family is one of those families who were displaced from the Al-Khaniq camp, east of Sanaa, to Al-Meel camp, without being able to bring their belongings due to the vehicles’ owners exploiting the state of war and asking for high sums to transport their belongings, what made them sleep in a tent free from the basics of life, according to a statement issued by the United Nations, the number of displaced persons from their camps reached 9,000 as a result of the recent confrontations that broke out between government forces and the Houthis more than two weeks ago in the Nahham district, east of Sana’a, and the governorates of Ma’rib and Al-Jawf in northeastern Yemen.


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