Syria – New mass grave discovered in Raqqa

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Raqqa Province – Syria 09/02/2020

According to a report by a resident of the western village of Selhabiya in the western countryside of Raqqa province, who found in his recently purchased house the body of an ISIS operative still wearing an explosive belt and a military jacket, the Initial Response Team of the Raqqa Civil Council discovered a mass grave of 125 bodies, most of them people in the third decade of life, including only two women, who were killed in the battlefield, either by direct shooting or beheading, the team began to take samples of the bodies and write their information in preparation for transporting them to a cemetery dedicated to the burial of the bodies of mass graves, it is worth mentioning that the response team had discovered more than 29 mass graves in Raqqa in the last two years, with more than 5,700 bodies, only 700 of which were identified due to a lack of evidence from the rest.

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