Syria- Idlib IDPs gather at asylum accommodation in Raqqa

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Raqqa governorate – Syria  06/02/2020

The IDPs fleeing the war in Idlib governorate suffer from difficult living conditions, after their displacement towards the self-management areas, particularly in the Raqqa Governorate, northeastern Syria, because of the population density inside the camps and refugee homes in the governorate, where previously displaced families are forced to receive families who have been displaced from Idlib recently, which may make the number of families reach 7 in one house, In addition, IDPs living in police shelters are suffering from downtown Raqqa, which was an ISIS prison and the coalition has repeatedly bombed states, whoever destroys the buildings that shelters them, and the scarcity of food aid and the lack of health care provided to them, amid the complete absence of international organizations in the region.

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