Syria-Yazidi children from “ISIS” parents in self-administration protection

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Rmelan- Al-Hasakah province- Syria 13/01/2020

The number of children left by their mothers in the custody of the Women’s Authority affiliated to Self- administration in northern and eastern Syria is approximately 45 children between the ages of one month to 4 years old.Where children are cared for in three centers at the Child Protection House in the city of Rmelan of northeast Syria, distributed by age groups, infants are in a special center and they number 24 infants as well as girls and boys, each of them in special centers.The Yazidi Spiritual Council refuses to receive these children on the pretext that the Yazidi families in the Sinjar district, the stronghold of the Yezidis, refuse to take care of the ISIS children who killed their children and insulted their women, many Yezidi women still refuse to reveal their identity, in refugee camps, including in Al-Hol camp, for fear that they will be separated from their children and ISIS returns and retaliation against them.

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