Syria: Arab female fighters in the ranks of the Kurdish Peoples Protection Units

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Arab women have played a prominent part in the fight against ISIS in northeastern Syria, where hundreds of Arab women joined the ranks of Kurdish women protection unit (YPG), which includes thousands of Kurdish fighters to fight ISIS.

After the entrance of ISIS organization to North Syrian areas, they started capturing women and keeping them in captivity and considered them a cheap commodity. Women announced their rejection of ISIS criminal practices and embarked on the formation of factions to fight ISIS and their actions know as the Kurdish women protection units (YPG) which includes thousands of Kurdish fighters fighting against ISIS and Arab female fighter started joining their ranks to protect all of the components, “Arabs, Kurds and Syriacs and they played the most prominent role in the fight against ISIS.

In every Kurdish city there is a training center where fighters are trained in to use various types of weapons as well as prepare them physically and psychologically to deal with different situations and circumstances.

The Kurdish women Protection (YPG) was founded in 2012 and has thousands of volunteer fighters between the ages of 18-40 and they are fighting without payment and are going through the fiercest battles against ISIS in Syria.



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