Jordan- Archbishop Atallah: The purpose of poisoning me is not an assassination, but to silence our voice by permanently paralysing or disabling me

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Amman – Jordan  24/12/2019

The Archbishop of Sebastia of the Greek Orthodox, Bishop Atallah Hanna, explained in an exclusive interview conducted by Arab24, that the aim of the attempt to poison him may have not been an assassination, but an attempt to silence his voice by suffering from disability or paralysis that makes him unable to move and talk throughout his life,   Bishop Hanna accused Israel of trying to poison him through chemical pesticides, toxic gases and other materials prohibited from use according to the international law, the chemicals were sprayed on the archive and library inside the Patriarchate near the place he lives, pointing out that these toxic substances caused him severe vomiting and inability to move, the same thing happened to the nuns who tried to help him, bishop Hanna added that Israel is targeting Christian and Muslim clerics and does not exclude educational institutions as well as religious holy sites such as the Al-Aqsa Mosque and Christian endowments.

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