Syria- A Russian patrol in Al-Darbasiyah in Al-Hasakah to follow up SDF withdrawal

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Al-Darbasiyah –Al-Hasakah- Syria  30/10/2019

A Russian patrol consisting of 3 military vehicles belonging to the Russian military police went out towards the city of Al-Darbasiyah in Ras Al-Ayn area of Al-Hasakah province, and that’s in implementation of the agreement concluded with the Turkish side to conduct a joint patrol along the border with the Turkish country, to monitor the process of the Syrian Democratic Forces withdrawal from the region, and the Russian patrol returned after it held talks with the Turkish forces at the Al-Darbasiyah border crossing, which led to postponing of the implementation of the resolution to next friday, and according to the information, the third Russian patrol, which was going to leave the city of Kobani on the Turkish border that also returned to its bases after the decision of postponing. It is mentioned that the Russian-Turkish agreement decides “SDF” withdrawal to a distance of 32 km deep in the region, amid anticipation of further withdrawals from other areas in accordance with the agreement.

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