Iraq-Security experts: US military operation targeted Al-Baghdadi conducted with Iraqi intelligence

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Baghdad- Iraq 27/10/2019

Security experts and researchers in affairs of armed group, pointed that the US military operation that targeted ISIS leader, Abu baker Al-Baghdadi today’s dawn, was in coordinating with the international coalition forces, intelligence, and Iraqi security services, adding to that, the falcon intelligence cell in Iraq, helped to find his place accurately through tracking whereabouts of Al-Baghdadi and his moves, also the experts explained that Al-Baghdadi was killed with 8 people who are close to him, one of them is his bodyguard and the security official for Al-sham state which is affiliated to ISIS, Abu said Al-Iraqi, one of the most important assistants to Al-Baghdadi, and Abu Mohammad Al-Halabi who was in his house, in addition to Al-Baghdadi’s both wives and a child who is thought to be his son.

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