Tunisia- Kais Saied Sworn In As Tunisia’s President

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Tunis- Tunisia 23/10/2019

Tunisian President-elect  kais Saied was sworn in at a session of the Tunisian parliament attended by national figures and foreign delegations from various countries, and during a speech addressed by the new President of the Republic to the Tunisian people, he stressed that Tunisian men and women need a new relationship of trust between the ruler and the governed, he also praised the freedom of choice and fair election, stressing the need to keep state institutions out of political tensions, adding that the gains of women cannot be compromised, calling for their support and advancement, on the other hand the Tunisian president announced that Tunisia will always be on the same side of just issues and will always be an advocate to them, the most important of which is the Palestinian issue, it should be noted that the new president will rule the country for five years, he is the second elected president after the Tunisian revolution.

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