Palestine- The Return Park opening on the eastern border of Gaza

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Gaza-Palestine 14/10/2019

The National Authority for Return Marches and Breaking the Siege in Malaka region east Gaza opened the “Return” Park, which was the first of the marches points since its beginning on March 30, 2018, and that’s in order to transfer life to the areas that wanted the Israeli forces to kill the Palestinian people, and promote popular participation in the marches of return and break the siege, and to be a milestone and an impact in that region that has seen many national events, whereas the area on which the park was built was a gathering of rubble and residues of houses destroyed by Israel during the aggression on Gaza, and the Palestinian confirmed on the continuation of the marches until achieving their goals, pointing that the Israeli forces cannot stop the marches and their continuation, and the battle with Israel will not end except with the return of the stolen Palestinian right.

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