Syria – Al-Mahmoudli camp opens in Al-Tabqa countryside as a replacement for Twihina camp

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Al-Tabqa countryside – Raqqa province – Syria 03/10/2019

In June 2019, the self-administration in northern Syria opened a new camp in al-Tabqa countryside in Raqqa province, replacing the Twihina camp, which was hit by many floods in the winter, where residents of Twihina camp were moved to the new Al-Mahmoudli camp, the camp now houses 1,451 families ,6,200 individuals, mostly from Hama and Homs eastern countryside, in addition to displaced people from Deir Ezzor countryside, Almsakana and eastern Aleppo province, the majority of displaced people in Al-Mahmoudli camp complain about difficult humanitarian conditions due to poor basic services, especially medical services, as well as the lack of adequate medicines for camp residents, in the absence of the International and humanitarian organizations role in providing adequate support.

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