Iraq -Bloody protests continue for the third consecutive day in Baghdad

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Baghdad – Iraq 03/10/2019

Protests by citizens continue over poor living conditions for the third day in a row in Tahrir Square in central Baghdad and other parts of the country, despite a total curfew imposed by the Iraqi authorities at dawn until further notice to contain the protests, participants said in demonstrations that Iraqi security forces used tear gas and shot bullets in the air to disperse hundreds of protesters in Tahrir Square near the Green Zone, and security forces hit a tight cordon since Tuesday to prevent the arrival of demonstrators in the Green Zone, 12 individuals were killed among them were security personnel during the clashes, and more than 200 were injured and arrested, while protesters stormed and burned the buildings of many provinces, government institutions and party headquarters in Dhi Qar, Maysan and Najaf provinces, in the south and east of Iraq

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