Iraq: The continued influx of displaced people to Kurdistan region

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Regiments of the displaced people of south Mosul villeges which are witnessing fierce battles between ISIS and the Iraqi army, continue to flow towards “Debka” cakp, west of Erbil in Kurdistan.

Despite the economic crisis afflicting the province of Kurdistan and the reduction of the international support, but the displaced Iraqis are still flowing toward the region, dozens of Arab families from the villages of southern Mosul, which are witnessing continuous battles between the Iraqi forces and ISIS fleed their villages and arrived in the transitional camp that was created for them near the Debka western Erbil region, to end the security measures and organize them administratively and then moving to a fixed camp in the same area, hoping to return to their areas in the near future.

People who fled from ISIS from the areas that witness military operations are suffering because of the scarcity of food and other services after leaving their money and property, especially in the areas that are still under the control of insurgents. The newly displaced are demanding to provide the necessary assistance and suitable shelters for them, as children and women suffer from living in the camp in the face of rising temperatures, they also demand the urgency in the liberation of their regions to enable them to return to it as soon as possible to end the suffering.



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