Syria: The suffering of farmers in Hasaka

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Hasaka in northeast Syria is considered as the food basket for Syria for the large farmlands in it, where most of the population in Hasaka province work in planting cotton, wheat and fruits, but recently the town have witnessed an exodus of more than half of the workers because of the grinding war between ISIS and the Kurdish units, which reduced the agricultural production in the province.

Farmers suffer in the province of Hasaka north-east of Syria, which was a pioneer in the field of agriculture for its large farmlands, from shortage of manpower due to the migration of a large number of them because of the grinding war in the region, which led to the decline of production..

Farmers are afraid of agriculture because of its costs in addition to the lack of seeds and agricultural supplies due to the blockade and the closure of the borders due to war in the region. This year has seen the migration of large numbers of workers, which reduced the agricultural production, especially that some types of agricultural crops need many worker.

Before the current crisis Syria was a pioneer in the field of agriculture for its large number of farmlands and the availability of workers, but the current war changed this fact, to transform of Syria from self-sufficient to insufficient.



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