Yemen: New precautionary security steps in Aden

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Aden in southern Yemen is witnessing a large security crackdown following the recent events in the city of the assassination operations of security leaders in the south, as this campaign comes as part of the security plan, which aims to restore safety and security in the city.

In the framework of the security plan for the deployment of security and safety in southern Yemen, Aden is witnessing a large-acale security crackdown, especially after the recent bloody events in the city as well as the proliferation of assassination attempts for the most prominent security figures in the south.

This crackdown comes as one of the steps and plans that follow the security plan that aimes at maintaining security and stability in Aden. The security is checking the identity cards especially that a lot of citizens carry, and they have discovered that Al-Qaeda elements were using fake names, and a lot of them were arrested especially after the fall of the most important strongholds of al-Qaeda in Mukalla and Abyan and Shabwa.

The security campaign to deal with the offenders according to the law is having a wide popular support as the campaign is completely legal and aims to achieve security in Yemen.



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