Iraq: Developments of the political crisis.

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Iraq’s political crisis is getting more complex in recent times where Iraqi President Fuad Masum said that helding a meeting of the House of Representatives during the current period represents an absolute necessary, calling on all political forces to make every effort to return legislative power to heal quickly under the dome of the parliament.

In light of the worsening of the Iraqi political crisis, the Iraqi President Fuad Masum offers a road map to resolve the political crisis over the parliament and the map is made up of seven points which the President called the parliament to hold an extraordinary session chaired by one of the members of the House of Representatives and in the presence of all parties, to discuss the dismissal of the Presidency of the House of Representatives.

According to political analysts read for the Iraqi political crisis, it is difficult to proceed with the initiative of the President of the Republic, where it is not easy to sit a full quorum Parliament session, as a result of internal differences in the political blocs and the disputes between various blocs.



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