Syria: Sarrin residents talk about ISIS rule

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The imposition of redulating laws by ISIS in Sarrin town in the governorate of Aleppo tightened the noose on civilians in the town, and enact regulation laws to prevent women from going out of their homes and the imposition of taxes on the people of the town, and the organization adopted a policy of intimidation and public executions at the Martyrs Square on those violating their laws.

Sarrin town is administratively with Aleppo, located to the east of the Euphrates River, the last areas that have been liberated from the ISIS organization who dominated them for almost two years, following the withdrawal of the Syrian army to the town of Kobani.
And the imposition of laws by ISIS organization during this period on women, children and men, since women are banned to leave the houses and they imposed taxes on the people, and forced young men to join the ranks of the organization through the use of intimidation style.
The people of the town say that the organization used prisons to put anyone who violates the law, followed by the execution in the courtyard known as martyrs, and their bodies left hanging in the arena for several days to instill fear and panic in the hearts of residents.
The people of the town are living freely after the control of Democratic Syrian forces on the city



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