Yemen: A protest in Taiz denouncing Kuwait negotiations.

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Young men and women of Taiz performed on Monday a protest against Kuwait negotiations and in solidarity with Taiz city under the slogan (Taiz under fire .. Under Siege) so what are you negotiating for.

Under the slogan ‘Taiz under fire .. under siege .. so what are you negotiating about’, young men and women of Taiz performed a protest denouncing the silence occurring on those in charge of Kuwait consultations, led by the United Nations about the continuing war on the city by the Houthis, despite signing a humanitarian truce under UN supervision, coinciding with the ongoing consultations in Kuwait.

Protesters carried banners demanding to drew attention to the reality of the situation in the city of Taiz, and also demanded the implementation of UN Resolution 2216 and the disarmament of the Houthis weapons.



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