Tunisia: Miss obese Competition

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Obese women in Tunisia has been able to break the barriers and establish a summer miss beauty competition for obese women, with the participation of a number of girls wearing the Tunisian traditional uniforms to show Tunisian folklore through special events specialized in beauty.





After preparations and continuous training on how to walk and talk and working on talents like singing and dancing within the workshops of obese women association, the activities of the selection of Miss Obese for Summer have been launched today amidst of a Tunisian traditional space where participants showed wearing traditional uniforms that attracted by its multiple colors and forms the judgment comity’s attention. The choice of the traditional dress came by the President of the Assembly Lubna bin Ismail, Miss Tunisia for obese women in 2015, which linked the traditional dress of women with beauty in the past which was measured by the degree of her body curves.

For her part, Ms. Monia, a mother of one of the participants stressed that such associations and events are an opportunity for obese women to prove their presence and get rid of isolation and integrate into the mainstream of society and love their bodies and give up the idea that extra weight is an obstacle.

Participants also offered during the ceremony ideas of future projects mostly geared to obese women such as the establishment of a sports gym for obese women and establishing stores selling clothes for obese women.

This event is considered the first of its kind in Tunisia, especially that it is directed to obese women in order to be able to keep up with modern developments in beauty and fashion despite the obstacles of extra weight and stop feeling inferior.



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