Syria: Handcrafts Exhibition for people with special needs in Qamishli

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The world of childhood house for people with special needs in Qamishli, northeastern Syria organized an exhibition of hadcrafts made by the children of the house with a disability using industrial waste which was recycled.


The war in northern Syria add to the suffering of people with special needs, where it is right for society to create a favorable conditions for living and psychological counseling to live a dignified and quiet life.
World of childhood house in Qamishli for people with special needs provided an opportunity for the children to learn a new route to the outside world by offering their handcraft in the exhibition which put a smile on the faces of the children that was lost during the war.
It is noted that the world of childhood home for people with special needs is sponsoring about thirty children with disabilities in the city of Qamishli in northern Syria.



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