Syria: The role of women fighting ISIS in Al Hasaka

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Asayish Women’s Center in Hasakah, northeastern Syria aims to involve women in the maintenance of internal security and defending its people, especially after the terrorist organizations attacks on the city, and now Kurdish women elevate their work to the highest ranks and participate with men side by side in the fight against the terrorist cells in the island province.

Women have proved their worth in Hasaka northeastern Syria, in light of the war waged by the Kurds against al ISIS, and starting of feeling the need to stand side by side with men in the defense of their areas and internal security, a new women’s branch of the Internal Security Agency in Hasakah has been introduced, which aims to resist the sleeping cells of ISIS in Hasaka.

Asaish women’s center was established on the first of March 2013, to engage women in extending internal security and to play a role in protecting people where the Center was established with only two members in the beginning. Despite all the difficulties that were encountered, they were able to overcome them by volunteering in the center and working to stand at checkpoints and management and administrative offices in the center and going out in seperate patrolling and doing successful raids and other works.

Women emerged particularly in the military field, both as a member in Al-Asayish or units to protect women or women Traffic to regulate traffic and they have earned all the bets that emphasized their inability to any other business and Asayish Woman is a prove on the role and effectiveness of women in various fields.



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