Yemen: Massive crowds in the march of liberating the south

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Unprecedented crowds from the south went to the Freedom Square in Aden to participate in the procession of “our choice is the liberation and independence of the south,” advocated by Southerners in conjunction with the peace talks between the legitimate powers and the coup taking place in Kuwait, this procession comes as an expression of Southerners demands in freedom and southern independence.

Crowds from various areas of southern Yemen have swarmed to the Freedom Square in Aden the temporary capital of Yemen, to participate in the festival, “independence procession” under the supervision of the media committee for “our choice is the liberation and independence of the south.

Congregants in Freedom Square waved banners and the flag of the south and chanted South revolution slogans that emphasize their demand for the restoration of independence in the south.

It is worth to mention that the areas in southern Yemen are Hadramout, Yafe, Radfan Dhali ‘, Lahij, Abyan and Shabwa.



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