Tunisia: Opening of Jazz music Festival

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The 11th Jazz festival Opened in the city of Carthage, north-east of Tunisia with the Belgian artist Silas Su, the French band Electro Deluxe with the presence of large number of audiences, reflecting its importance to the Tunisian society.




The rhythms of popular music amid the noisy atmosphere in the city of Carthage, north-east of Tunisia, the 11th Jazz Festival opened which was attended by artists from 16 nationalities (Tunisian, Italian and North and Latin America).
These music festivals have an important role to Tunisia, especially in this period of war against terrorism reflecting the importance of culture in the fight against the various challenges, and what increases the importance is having lovers from different age groups.
The festival focuses on jazz, which is a universal mean of expression, as it is characterized by openness, diversity and keeping up with times, and the event continues until the 13th day of the current month.



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