Tunisia: Demands to end racial discrimination

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Components of civil society in Tunisia demanded enactment of a law criminalizing any color racist behavior where suffering of those with color increased in the community which pushed associations and organizations to put a law criminalizing racism and racial discrimination.




The components of the Tunisian civil society launched a legislative initiative to enact a law criminalizing the manifestations of racism in the Tunisian street by Parliament, where a number of members confirmed on the need to enact a law to protect minorities from discrimination, which they are exposed to in the community.
Despite that Tunisia was one of the first countries that have agreed to the International Convention against all forms of discrimination and raciam but it remained which made some of the associations and organizations to introduced a law criminalizing racism like Manamati organization.
Black-skinned people are suffering from discrimination and repeated harrassment in public and in work places which was confirmed by officials and citizens in the Tunisian street.
The black-skinned in Tunisia make up nearly 15 percent of the components of society and they are suffering from discrimination by members of the community on the basis of color, such as the use of epithets and descriptions that indicate slavery and they are allocating buses for blacks and a bus for white in one of the states in the country and refused to mix marriages between blacks and white as well.



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