Syria: Al-Shaddadi residents return after its liberation

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Security and stability has returned to the Shaddadi city, northeastern Syria, after the expulsion of ISIS terrorist organization. It has also been securing a large proportion of services and infrastructure, which facilitated the return of the city’s residents to their homes to complete their lives and rebuild a better future after suffering the harshest conditions of war and destruction .




A large proportion of Al-Shaddadi residents ranging between thirty to forty percent, after the experienced conditions of war and fighting and after terror has painted grief and pain on their faces, are returning to their city and their daily business after securing a large proportion of services. The children of the town are flooded with joy after being deprived of many rights, they returned carrying innocence to spread it in the neighborhoods of their city.

Al-Shaddadi residents of women, children, men and elders are coming all together, shoulder to shoulder for the advancement of their lifes, and tasks were distributed according to everyone’s field, in order to reproduce bread in Al-shaddadi bakery stores. Internet shops are also providing the ability of social networking for communicating with relatives who fled to other countries.

One of the most significant achievements of the residents of the city is the rehabilitation of schools, which is an essential constituent for the the advancement of education and in giving the children their rights back, and here are the ones who have been deprived of education returning to schools after a break to complete their education.

Al-Shaddadi people are determined to bring life back to their city despite the harsh memories of the war on the walls of the city.



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