Yemen: Children Human chain in Taiz.

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Young Yemenis launched an initiative called “Challenge convoy” in Taiz, where children lined up as a series of human chains rejecting the war in Yemen and expressing their hope for a world free of death and destruction in the future.

300of the children of Taiz lined side by side forming a human chain like one body within the initiative carried out by Taiz youth called it “Challenge convoy”, and the children expressed their vigil desire and hope to stop the war and end the serial killings and destruction that has spread in the province during the siege of rebels which lasted more than eight months.

“Loyalty initiative”, “Breaking of the siege and raised hopes”, “We are all Taiz” banners brought by the children in the streets decorated with the tools of death and destruction from the covers of empty shells, which transformed by the innocence of children and their persistence and their quest for a bright future to basins with grown colored roses, a message from them to express the growing hope and determination towards a single goal away from death and destruction in Yemen.



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