Syria: Syrians reactions to Russian withdrawal on same day as 5th revolution anniversary.

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Russian troops began to withdraw from the Syrian territory, in conjunction with the fifth anniversary of the Syrian revolution that began in the 15th of March, five years ago, and the Kurds expressing their opinion about it, with the continuation of the revolution, and the beginning of a peaceful solution in Syria.

Kurds in Aljazeera province of northeastern Syria expressed their views on topics occupying the Syrian street, first the anniversary of the Syrian revolution, where Kurds are still insisting on demanding freedom which they will never forget and will not stop but will continue until the achievement of its objectives by bring peace in a free and democratic Syria.
The other subject occupying the Syrian street, is the withdrawal of Russian troops from the Syrian territory, which the Kurds consider a good first step and the beginning of a long-awaited and an indication of the beginning of the peaceful political solution in Syria.



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