Syria: Conflicting reports about the fate of ISIS leader “Abu Omar Alshishani”

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The official spokesperson of the Syrian Democratic forces “Talal Slou” stated that the news of Abu Omar Alshishani, War minister of ISIS death is not yet confirmed since his body was not found among the bodies in ISIS members that were killed in Syrian Democratic forces.

Colonel Talal Slou, the official spokesperson of Syrian Democratic forces stated that the news of the death of Abu Omar Alshishani, the war minister of ISIS is not confirmed until now since his body was not found among the ISIS organization bodies that died under the hands of Syrian democratic forces and the international coalition strikes. The Pentagon officials announced on Wednesday that the international strikes targeted the War minister of ISIS “Abu Omar Alshishani” near Alshaddadi during the attack of Syrian Democratic forces to liberate the city from ISIS but the fate of Alshaddadi is still unknown.



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