Christians in Iraq between displacement and clinging to their homeland

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Despite the displacement pain and tragic living conditions the Iraqi Christians have been going through for the past year and a half after they were forced to leave their regions in Nineveh plains and Mosul, they are now thinking of immigrations as they considered it the best solution for a better future.




The Christians of Ahsti camp are suffering from poverty and need as well as tragic living conditions as they escaped Mosul after ISIS took over the city giving the Christians the choice to immigrate and seek a new land to embrace them after suffering at displaced camps under hard conditions.

The displaced at the camp continue their claim from the officials to liberate their regions as soon as possible so they can return to their homes which is what they pray for everyday at Bishara church the was opened at the camp.

Nineveh plains Christians lost their families due to the displacement waves after ISIS attacks and they have nothing now but the pain that reminds them of their struggles daily which is what pushed them to prayer in churches as they hope on finding a life of safety and security again.



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