Russian airstrikes destroy idlib monuments archeologists confirm.

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The monuments of past centuries finally found a volunteer team with the name of “Free Idlib monuments team” to carry observe locations and document the Russian strikes crimes that killed the evidence of civilizations that have enriched the Syrian heritage.




Documentation of the effects of Russian strikes on Idlib and nearby region monuments is the first tasks of the “Free Idlib monuments team” which consists of experts, academics, and archaeology specialists working voluntarily to provide data about every single heritage location and pieces.

The team is divided into groups to document the repeated prolonged Russian strikes on monuments pretending they are targeting the terrorists hiding but in fact they are trying to wipe out the heritage of thousands of years.

Team members risk their lives for the sake of their heritage which recites different stories of their ancestors. They stand against being killed with snipers and bombs and they also have to deal with illegal treasure hunters.



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