A new planet in the Galaxy world named after the Jordanian Salah Abu Alshaikh.

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NASA named an asteroid after the Jordanian student Salah Abu Sheikh as recognition to his research efforts in Mathematics.



King Hussein Corporation held a press conference for the student Salah Aldeen Abu Sheikh whom NASA name an asteroid after as a respect to his research efforts in the Mathematics and the conference included many parts where Salah recalled his like and what he faced to reach those achievements which was a turning point in his life.

NASA used the Student name for the asteroid “Abu-Alshaikh 28831” found in May 2000 by Lincoln research team for asteroids close to earth. Despite Abu Shaikhs love to Mathematics but he preferred to study medicine to merge the two fields in his own way and he merges geometric forms to Viruses shapes and he is continuing a research in that.

Abu Alshaikh received many awards in his life including 2nd place for Intel prize in mathematics world and the first place in a debate in Turkey and other debates in Qatar.

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