Kurds reaction to “Joe Biden” statement regarding USA military intervention in Syria.

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The American vice president “Joe Biden” stated in his conference in Istanbul that united states are ready to intervene in Syria to fight against terrorist organization ISIS. His statement made Kurdish politicians comment and say that this is a proof of the continuation of the war against ISIS regardless of the negotiations between the Opposition and the Syrian regime.




Kurdish political analysts in the North Syria self administration confirmed that “Joe Biden” statement regarding the American intervention in Syria against ISIS in case the peace negotiations at the end of this month fails between the opposition and the Syrian regime in Geneva.

Many see that the statement is an attempt to smooth the situation of Turkey towards the participation of Kurdish Democratic Union party in the Geneva negotiations at the end of the month and this is because of the regional interventions in favor of the participation of some of the parties on the other parties expense of the Syrian opposition as well as the differing agendas of all spectrums of the Syrian opposition.

The united states continue supplying the Democratic Syria forces with weapons as well as air support from international coalition in their fight against ISIS.


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