The strategic importance of liberation of Tishrin Dam from ISIS in North Syria.

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The importance of the liberation of Tishrin Dam from ISIS is to isolate the organization locations in Northern Aleppo from the Eastern Euphrates River where Alraqa is allowing Democratic Syria forces to advance easily.




Tishrin Dam is an important strategic point in Northeast Syria in Aleppo countryside specifically in Manbij area over the Euphrates River. The Dam provides electricity to the region up until 115km from Aleppo city and 60km to Turkish borders.

Liberation of Tishrin Dam from ISIS is among the operations of Democratic Syria Forces since several weeks due to the strategic importance of the Dam which was used by the organization to transfer weapons and fighters towards the northern countryside of Aleppo and the control of Democratic Syria forces over the area allow them to isolate ISIS locations from the areas they control in the east and west and it would be a preparation to liberate Alraqa which is 80 km as well.


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