Tunisia – Innovative pedagogy in teaching English


She is a woman who spreads life, do not give up if circumstances are difficult.

Abeer returned from Italy to her homeland, Tunisia, to teach future generations the English language in a new method.

She told A24 it all started when she found an advertisement for training in language education through theater techniques in Italy. She participated in the training program for a week during September, in which she was the only Tunisian and Arab among different nationalities. From there she started her journey in teaching children the English language in a new method based on theater techniques, costumes and games.

She said that this method allows children to learn naturally, as they learns grammar while playing. Parents were skeptical of this method and could not understand it in the beginning, but were convinced later after they verified its effectiveness.

Abeer is passionate and fond of what she teaches to children, she was not satisfied with the training she received, but continued to research and develop her teaching methods through the use of concentration games, and even created her own games. She wants, through her teaching, to establish a new relationship between teacher and child on one hand, and between child and parents on the other hand.

Abeer told A24 that she has opened a special center for teaching children the language in a new method that ensures effective learning.

When asked about parents acceptance of the new teaching method, Abeer told A24 that some parents thought it was only a game that would teach children anything, but with experience they could see clearly that the children were indeed acquiring the language, so changed their position on the matter

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