Tunisia – Female entrepreneur breaks into the perfume industry


Location: Tunis – Tunis
Language: Arabic
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Source: A24 in Tunis
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Date: 06/12/2022


One should never give up on one’s dreams and goals, despite difficulties faced, according to Tunisian Khawla Al-Misawi who graduated with honors from university in Sousse governorate, south of capital Tunis, but chose to leave her work in accounting to pursue her passion of perfumes.

Khawla Al-Misawi, 30, has found success in the perfume industry, after starting a business in creating unique types of perfumes that are based on individual’s personality and astrological sign.

Khawla told A24 news agency she had not expected to succeed in the perfume industry, but was surprised by the great turnout and demand for the good quality products she makes at affordable prices.


Soundbite ((Khawla Al-Misawi – Entrepreneur in perfume business):
“I have a degree in accounting from university in Sousse governorate. I believe in the law of attraction, how when you love something, and you think about it a lot, God will bring you closer to it. After I graduated, I started working as an accountant in a company, which serendipitously turned out to specialize in perfumes.”

Soundbite (Khawla Al-Misawi – Entrepreneur in perfume business):
“I was at the top of mt class in accounting, but the world of perfumes attracted me more. I realized my love for perfumes when I started working in that company specializing in perfumes, I used to spend the whole day working and in the evenings I would work overtime in the warehouses, but that did not bother me in the least, I did not feel tired, rather happy.”

Soundbite (Khawla Al-Misawi – Entrepreneur in perfume business):
“Our concept is interesting and draws attention with regards to giving visitors the opportunity to make their own perfume. Usually, our people who visit get confused about their choice of perfume, so they choose one according to their personality, astrological sign, or personal interests. We suggest perfume workshops to people so they can participate in making their own perfume. I really did not expect to have such success, I was afraid my business would fail when I started, since it is difficult for a Tunisian product to have a place in the market. I am happy with how far my business has come, people love mt perfumes for their good quality and good price. Visitors who come here get the full experience, not only come to buy a few perfumes and leave, but we also offer a personal consultation for each individual.”

Soundbite (Khawla Al-Misawi – Entrepreneur in perfume business):
“Perfumes reflect our identity, and their scent reaches places before we do, so a person who is too shy can not wear strong perfumes that attract attention, such as Oud, which is why I thought to connect between scent and astrological signs. I came up with this idea from working in the field, as I noticed people want to buy perfumes but do not know what they want. I researched and found which scents each astrological sign prefers, I divided the scents into categories of the four elements; water, air, earth, and fire, then manufactured the perfumes accordingly. I am very happy with this collection. Ninety percent of the people who tried the perfumes said the scent matched them perfectly.”

Soundbite (Khawla Al-Misawi – Entrepreneur in perfume business):
“Perfumes are my whole world, I am most happy when I make perfumes. This business is my baby and every perfume I made in this collection is my passion come to life. I recommend people to believe in their dreams and in what they love just like I have

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