Cold weather increases the suffering in Syria

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The Executive Board of Aljazeera County approved the creation of an emergency committee in the face of the worsening weather in the coming days to help the citizens in case of any harm from the expected storm.






Every winter, North East Syria is prepared to receive a low storm requiring preparations against the cold which doesn’t know the shortage that Alhasakah suffers from and doesn’t have mercy on the poor families and children who live in worn out houses that cannot stand against the storm.

In an attempt to survive, the Executive Council held an extraordinary meeting in the province to discuss a response to potential natural disasters due to next air depressions, the Council of the emergency committee prepared against potential bad weather to take the necessary measures in order to help citizens’ cases.

For their part, citizens are preparing to receive the storm by loading fuel and food for those who can secure upon the Lack of raw materials in Alhasakah to warm themselves and provide their homes requirements, they are becoming used to obstacle between them and the warmth in a family atmosphere during the winter.



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