Yemen – The 3rd International Scientific Conference of Cardiologists kicks off in Aden


Location: Yemen – Aden

Language: Arabic


Sound: natural

Source: A24 in Yemen

Restrictions: A24 subscribers

Date: 11/02/2022


The 3rdInternational Scientific Conference of Cardiologists kicked off in capital Aden, with the participation of 500 doctors from various medical fields and the attendance of several pharmaceutical companies and medical institutions in Yemen.

Aden Heart Association organized, on the sidelines of the conference, a large pharmaceutical exhibition, where several Yemeni, Arab and international pharmaceutical companies and medical institutions participated.

The exhibition aimed to familiarize participating doctors with modern pharmaceutical products and new developments in pharmacological and scientific work of these medical and pharmaceutical institutions.


– Soundbite (Dr. Khaled Al Qattam – Doctor):

“The aim of the conference is to spread knowledge to the community about cardiovascular diseases. The conference discussed rheumatic fever, which is unfortunately widespread across the nation, and I hope that the conference will conclude with recommendations regarding this illness. We are here to explain about rheumatic fever, how it causes a throat infection, arthritis and eventually heart thrombosis. I hope this knowledge will help citizens become aware to take a penicillin shot when they have a fever.”

– Soundbite (Aaz Al-Dhahabani – Pharmacist):

“Our main goal is to serve patients. Our motto is “Patients come first”. The most important mission for our bussiness is providing high quality medicine at affordable prices to Yemeni patients. We always strive to strengthen medical staff through our website, which collects the newest, updated studies, and offers them free of charge to doctors, as we want to contribute as much as possible to raising the level of health education in Yemen.”

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