Jordan – Jordan – 4th edition of the Amman Security Forum kicks off


Location: Amman, Jordan

Language: Arabic


Voice: Natural

Source: A24 Amman

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Date: 2/11/2022


The 14th edition of the Amman Security Forum hosted by Jordan kicked off today, Wednesday, to review regional and international challenges in Europe and the Middle East.

Participants highlighted the most prominent global issues, including the Ukrainian-Russian war and its repercussions on energy and food, issues of smuggling and cross-border militias, in addition to addressing the Palestinian issue and the importance of the two-state solution.

The conference was attended by European Peace Envoy to the Middle East Sven Koopmans, Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto, Palestinian Water Minister Mazen Ghoneim, and Brigadier General Azzam Rohan, spokesperson for the host country, in addition to many Arab and international political and social figures.

Shot list:

Soundbite (Brigadier General Azzam Al-Rawahneh – Spokesperson for the Host Country – Jordan):

There is a burden on the militants from a regional and international security perspective and in response to the threats and challenges of the region and the world regarding issues of food security, energy security, and climate change in addition to issues of medicine and epidemics. These have become major duties for the armed forces.”

Soundbite (Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto):

“The war in Ukraine is actually a regional war but the consequences and the impact of that have already become global and those global consequences of this regional war put further security risks on ourselves. It is this first-ever global crisis of energy supply and we are witnessing an outbreak of a global crisis of food supply as well. And these additional global impacts of the war in Ukraine do have even more serious impacts on those regions which are or can be destabilized in an easier way. Let’s put it this way in those regions which are easier to be destabilized the impacts of this war namely the energy and the food crises put an additional burden. It is easier for the extremist ideologies to be spread because of the backlash of the living standards whilst is coming up and these are the basic root causes for the outbreak of further migratory base.”

Soundbite (Sven Koopmans – European Peace Envoy to the Middle East):

“It is noticeable that the election campaigns in Israel and what to do with the conflict with the occupation was not a major topic in the debates. So, in that sense, there is a sense of stability in that narrative. And there is also maybe some stability in the sense that we all assume that if there ever going to be peace negotiations they would follow the standard model which is we have a Palestinian leader and we have an Israeli leader and hopefully we have an American president to come up with a balanced rule agreement which has not happened of course for the last 40 years. So, those are all factors where you can say there is some type of stability, though it has not really addressed the core issue.”

Soundbite (Palestinian Water Minister Mazen Ghoneim):

“We must know that all the previous, current, and subsequent conflicts were and still are centered on the struggle over water. But I do not know, The results of the Israeli elections were yesterday and produced more extremism and the right party, and we know what the right did in the past, even before the elections. “

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