Security forces take over the port of Aden, from the Resistance after rehabilitation

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Security services received the security responsibility in the port of Aden, “Al Mualla,” after the agreement with the resistance forces on taking over the security of the port. The Governor of Aden with a number of officials headed to the port, which has undergone destruction during war and conflicts in Yemen; therefore, the port will witness a new phase of reconstruction, rehabilitation and returning to civilian life.




The governor of Aden, accompanied by a number of senior officials headed to the port of Aden “Al Mualla,” after the security services agreement to take over the security responsibility instead of the resistance forces, as part of the rehabilitation phase and to receive commercial vessels. The governor of Aden pointed out that preserving this port was by the resistance exerted efforts that had fought for it. The rehabilitation of the port is considered the first step to rehab other institutions, working under the sovereignty of the state.



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