“Allbulabi” a popular Tunisian dish that brings family together in the winter

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The Allbulabi is a Tunisian popular food, which is considered part of the Tunisia culture and heritage, where members of the public frequently eat it during the winter, due to its important nutritional benefits to the human body containing essential elements and food values.






Tunisia replete with many popular dishes, which contain nutritional values, useful to the human body, and these dishes are considered an integral part of Tunisia heritage. Most of these dishes are considered a memory for Tunisian to remember the history and the origin of the Tunis.

Allbulabi dish is frequently eaten during the winter, where everyone enjoys tasting Allbulabi at a family gathering, while hearing the rain sounds from outside. It protects one from the winter cold, and gives a lot of health benefits.

Allbulab is prepared through recipe that hides many secrets; the mixture of (chickpeas, cumin, salt, spices, eggs and olive oil) is poured over the crushed bread, which is usually an old bread, bought the night before.

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